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BAGH Corporate Film


The films that are uploaded here have been created for the express purpose of educating and creating awareness about various modalities that are offered at Bhailal Amin General Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat (INDIA). These films are aimed at simplifying medical procedures and giving a viewer an insight into different medical procedures and specialties.

These segment films have sourced material from archives of the hospital and material available over the internet. There are certain segments of music and film clips that do not belong to the hospital and the hospital does not claim any proprietorship of, whatsoever.
These are protected by the originator’s / licensor’s copyright.

These clips of film and music have been added to create a narrative that is intended to inform and educate in an interesting manner.

There is absolutely no intent to plagiarise / distort / claim ownership or commercially market such material for any gains, on the hospital’s part.

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