Trauma Unit and Operation Theater Trauma & Joint Replacement
Trauma Unit
The Trauma unit is equipped with modern equipments and an expert trauma-handling team. Right from the moment the patient is taken in from an ambulance, the trauma team acts in a well co-ordinated drill to quickly stabilize the patient.

Experienced orthopaedic surgeons examine the patient and are instrumental in providing the correct medical diagnosis, as also emotional support and counselling.
Trauma Unit
Operation Theater
Trauma cases that require surgical intervention are handled in a dedicated state-of-the-art Operating Theatre. It is a combination of the surgical team’s skill and the top-of-the-line surgical equipments that ensures quality outcomes.

A special operating table from Maquet, Germany aligns itself as per the need of the surgeon and the surgery.  A C-arm image-intensifier TV from Philips provides live video x-ray images and is especially useful during spine surgeries and also minimally invasive procedures that need accurate placement of devices inside the patients’ body.
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