Introduction and Revision Surgery Trauma & Joint Replacement


Indians are prone to a lot of knee problems owing to social habits. Longevity has also led to more incidences of knee problems. In cases where there is an increased amount of wear-and-tear, surgery and replacement of the knee joint is necessitated.  Hip replacement is also needed in the elderly, in certain cases.

Because of the nature of the surgery and costs involved, a knee replacement surgery is only offered at specialized, dedicated set-ups, such as BAGH.

Here, the Dept of Orthopaedics offers a comprehensive program that gives assured end results, enhancing mobility and a return to normal life, in the soonest possible time.

Some of the top surgeons in the region operate in a dedicated, infection-free OT that is equipped with a modern OT table, with laminar flow and HEPA filters.

While there are many implants to choose from, it is the skill and experience of the surgeon that makes the surgery successful. Typically, a successful implant lasts for about 15 years or more.

Revision Surgery

In some cases where the transplant needs to be re-operated, a revision surgery is required.

A revision surgery is more complex and takes more time than a normal knee transplant. A good anaesthesia set-up that can handle the needs of the surgery is required in such cases…something that BAGH provides.

Along with anaesthesia, for revision surgeries and complicated joint replacement surgeries, a tertiary care hospital like BAGH provides the expertise to handle such cases.

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