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Operation Theaters

The Department is supported by state-of-the-art Operation Theatres.

BAGH OTs are designed with two specific purposes – safety of patient and the comfort of the surgeon, which naturally translates into better outcomes.

A surgery involves violating the tissue planes of a patient and if an OT is not infection-free, microorganisms could cause an infection to the patient.  The hospital has invested heavily to ensure that a patient is safe from infection by implementing protocolized use of autoclaves and fumigation and also a laminar airflow system with HEPA filters that provide a curtain of positively charged air around the OT table.

For comfort of surgeon and to fulfill the demands of the surgery, the hospital has installed world-class OT tables that can be configured to any position. OT lights provide optimum lighting.


A good Anaesthesia set-up means that the mortality from anaesthesia is almost zero. Multi-para monitors are used in invasive and non-invasive modes, depending on the needs of the surgery. Good vaporizers for delivering anaesthesia drugs and modern ventilators are very useful in major or supra-major surgeries that prolong into many hours.

Support Services

The Departments of Radiology & Laboratory Transfusion Medicine provide a round-the-clock diagnostic support that enable the clinician to diagnose the patient’s condition and make necessary recommendations on the treatment front.

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