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Endoscopy is a discipline under the field of Gastro-enterology that allows the clinician to explore the insides of the body through natural openings such as the mouth and the nose.

BAGH has an endoscopy set-up that is considered to be one of the most sophisticated. It is probably the only system in Gujarat where all types of endoscopes are available under one roof.  BAGH offers several options, such as a double balloon enteroscopy, in which the entire 18 feet of the small intestine can be assessed. This is useful in pinpointing cases of suspected small intestinal bleeding.

The complete range of endoscopes includes:
A paediatric endoscope that can be used in children as small as 6 hours of age
A trans-nasal endoscope for adults or elderly patients who have trouble swallowing an endoscope and
Therapeutic endoscopes that are used in cases of intestinal bleeding and in cases where a foreign body has been accidentally swallowed
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