Introduction General Surgery, Laparoscopy & Gastroenterology

The range of diseases and conditions that a Gastro-intestinal & Laparoscopy Surgery department handles is diverse and challenging.

BAGH is home to the region’s foremost General Surgeons and Gastroenterologists. The Departments of Gastro-intestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery and Gastroenterology competently deal with a wide variety of emergencies and poly-trauma cases, serious dermal and subcutaneous infections, excision of tumours and endocrine surgeries, thoracic and intestinal surgeries, hernia repairs, minimally invasive surgeries and endoscopy procedures.

The discipline has a wide range of facilities to deal with routine cases as well as emergencies, both in the OPD as well as the Indoor areas.

Cases of polytrauma are rapidly stabilized by a trained trauma team before they are shifted to the wards, ICU or the Operation Theatres, as the case may be.

Dedicated nursing stations in each ward monitor the progress of each patient 24 X 7.

The stay areas are well-appointed, with due consideration for patient privacy in general wards as well as a special female ward.

The Intensive Care unit is highly advanced with the latest medical equipments and a 1 : 1 patient  : nurse ratio.


Laparoscopic Surgery was introduced in the mid 1980s.

In just three decades it has gained wide-spread acceptance and enthusiastic approval both by the surgeons and the patients.  Gone are the days of painful incisions with long recovery periods for a simple surgery like a Gall bladder removal.

Laparoscopic Surgery involves making small punctures in the abdominal wall, introducing specialized instruments and performing abdominal surgeries with the same proficiency and safety as with the open equivalent.

BAGH has a very active Laparoscopic Surgical Programme.

Gall bladder removals, Hernia Repairs,  Appendicectomies and major surgeries like Spleen Removal and Oesophageal Surgeries are done routinely.

The Advantage : The advantage is rapid patient recovery because the incisions are just “holes”. The surgeon can survey the whole abdomen with a small puncture and also get the desired magnification.

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