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A major reason for the success of BAGH as a kidney transplant facility is the infrastructure that is in place. A special Kidney Transplant Unit or the KTU offers a sterile, post-operative environment. The KTU is equipped with special air filters so that the chances of infection are minimized. The KTU comes with dedicated life-saving equipment and round-the-clock patient monitoring.

Life After Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant allows a patient to go back to a normal, active life and there are no long-term complications

One factor that worries every donor is whether he or she will be affected by donating a kidney. It is an established fact that a person who has donated a kidney can live a full life, even with one kidney. There is absolutely no deterioration of health or quality of life, in the donor’s case and in the recipient’s case, the donated kidney gives him a fresh lease of life.

There are many myths about the ‘dangers’ of a kidney transplant. Candidates for kidney transplants who also have a matching donor are sometimes given wrong advice and they do not opt for a transplant, in spite of facing problems with dialysis.  

It is important that proper, ethical clinical advice and counselling is offered to such patients, something that BAGH does as a part of its operating protocol.

Whether it is a dialysis or a transplant, the decision depends on a lot of factors, such as the age of the patient, availability of a live-related matching donor or a kidney, his economic situation, emotional stability and family support. Some issues are ethical as well.

As a health care provider and partner, BAGH provides clinical, diagnostic and administrative support that helps a patient to make the right choice.

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