Haemodialysis Kidney Transplant & Urologic Surgery
Cases that involve a chronic renal dysfunction need the patient to undergo a dialysis. The frequency of dialysis depends on the extent of kidney damage.

In Haemodialysis, a patient’s blood is purified of toxic and other waste material. BAGH has an advanced Haemodialysis unit that caters to the needs of patients in and around Baroda.  This unit also has an isolation ward for patients who need dialysis but suffer from viral infection.

Modern dialysis instruments adjust to the needs of the patient. These use ultra pure water, remove waste materials from the patient’s blood and re-introduce the purified blood back into the patient.

BAGH has a dedicated plant that generates the ultra pure water, so called because it is purified to an extent that it comes in direct contact with blood.

This 4-hour procedure is monitored closely by professional staff and experienced nephrologists, thus making it very safe and routine. The Haemodialysis unit is hygienic, well-lit and also provides some light relief to the patient.

Patients are also treated for associated problems, during and after dialysis. These include treatment for low Haemoglobin, problems related to bones and removal of certain waste materials from the body using procedures like charcoal perfusion.

No wonder, patients choose BAGH as their preferred hospital for undergoing dialysis.

Over the past thirty years, this service remains a committed one for BAGH, with numbers of patients increasing every year.
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