Introduction Kidney Transplant & Urologic Surgery
Kidneys are responsible for removing waste material and toxins from the body, maintaining the acid-base balance, regulating the fluid content…in short, keeping us alive.

Because of the many organs the kidneys are tied with, any disruption in the kidney function can immediately impact multiple organ systems. If not handled expertly and efficiently, kidney disease can cause long-term and often irreversible complications. The nature of these complications needs a multi-specialty and dedicated set-up that can respond to emergencies.

For nearly four decades, Bhailal Amin General Hospital has been successfully offering care and treatment for complicated renal cases. Starting with a renal dialysis unit in the 1970s, BAGH today offers complete renal care that ranges from Haemodialysis right up to a renal transplant program, one of the few hospitals in Gujarat to do so.  Each of these services requires a state-of-the-art facility, a well-trained staff and experienced medical professionals that combine to bring the best to the patient.
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