Waiting Areas Getting Admitted
While a patient recuperates, it is the attending relatives and friends of the patient who need to run around, complete formalities of admission, manage finances and await their dear ones’ return to health, in crowded, claustrophobic environments.  As a result, a usual hospital visit is emotionally draining to not only the patient, but also to those caring for the patient.

At BAGH, things are a bit different.
With a campus that spreads over 3.25 lakh square feet and contains a sprawling building complex, landscaped gardens, lush green lawns, gurgling brooks, tall, leafy trees, a vast parking space…waiting for your dear ones to get better is not as inconveniencing as elsewhere.

Well-appointed waiting areas with comfortable seats are spread out across the building complex.  The Heart Command area and the Medical Intensive Care area has special seating for relatives who may want to spread their weary limbs during night-time vigils.
Rooms For Relatives
BAGH has a few well-furnished and self-contained rooms for relatives who are from outside the city and may wish to stay near to the patient.

These rooms are available at a nominal price for relatives and are subject to availability.
Prayer Area
Medicine treats, even as faith heals. BAGH has an exclusive and comfortable prayer hall for those who may wish to meditate and pray.

The universality of existence comes to life here, as all religions and faiths are represented in this area.
External Areas
Nature cures, that’s why we have a lot of it here. Recuperating patients can break the monotony of their hospital stay with a stroll amidst lush green surroundings.
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Emergency Numbers
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