Medi-claim Assistance Getting Admitted
Patient Care Co-ordinators are specially designated to facilitate admission procedures and also assist in medi-claim (cashless admission) formalities.
The hospital provides a Medi-claim Lounge where the patient’s relatives can complete the paperwork in comfort and also get processing assistance and updates of the claim that has been registered.

Patients having a Medi-claim (cashless facility of medical insurance) are requested to inform the hospital at the time of admission. The hospital can then help in putting forward the case with the medical insurance company.
  Medi-claim Lounge
Patient Care Co-ordinators will keep the relatives updated about the progress of the claim request. Once the insurance company approves the claim, the hospital will inform the patient’s relatives about the details of the approval.
  Patient Care Co-ordinators
    (265) 255 6222, 677 6222
Emergency Numbers
for Ambulance :
(265) 255 6222, 677 6222, 228 5555
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