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Balanced food is the key to good health and vigor. Better clinical management of diseases through appropriate dietary control has a great consideration for medical practitioners.

A proper balanced nutrition is often the key to recovery for many patients. Good nutritious balanced food prepared in hygienic conditions encourages patients to eat well, giving them the nutrients required to recover from surgery or illness.

At BAGH, we insist that patients do not eat outside food as there is a dedicated kitchen service that provides a complete diet to the patient, round the clock. Balanced Indian vegetarian diet is served to all patients. Therapeutic diet is also provided as per patients’ clinical status.

Such a service also provides relief to the patient’s relatives – they don’t have to get hassled trying to prepare food at home and then rushing to the hospital so that the patient gets to eat food while it is hot.

Constant efforts are undertaken to give patients a feeling of home- cooked food, but without excessive oil and spices.

Utmost care is taken in terms of planning nutrition of critically ill patients, who may not be able to eat in a normal manner. Such special feeds are hygienically prepared, served at regular intervals achieving the nutritional requirements as planned by the clinician and the nutritionist.

The Kitchen Service is also equipped to handle the strict dietary protocol that patients undergoing Bone Marrow Transplantation are required to follow.
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