Emergency Services Getting Admitted
BAGH has a fleet of five well-equipped ambulances, including a state-of-the-art mobile ICU.

These ambulances are available on-call 24 X 7 and are generally dispatched within five minutes of receiving an emergency call.

Generally, the ambulance service for local patients is provided free of charge when the patient is being brought into the hospital.

Patients who need an ambulance on discharge from the hospital are provided the same, for a nominal charge.
Mobile ICU
BAGH’s emergency response is further strengthened with a state-of-the-art Mobile ICU.

This is an ICU-on-wheels and comes equipped with all Intensive Care medical equipments, including a ventilator. The Mobile ICU is vital during transfer of critically ill patients to and from the hospital.
BAGH has a 24 X 7 pharmacy, located near the Out-patient department. The pharmacy provides a round-the-clock service to in-patients and also patients coming into the hospital on an out-patient basis.

The pharmacy is stocked with critical, life-saving medicines and surgical products as also routine prescription drugs.

Unused medicines issued to in-patients are taken back by the pharmacy at the time of patient discharge and the corresponding amount is refunded to the patient.

Credit / debit cards are accepted.
    (265) 255 6222, 677 6222
Emergency Numbers
for Ambulance :
(265) 255 6222, 677 6222, 228 5555
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