Introduction Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

The Bhailal Amin Heart Centre at BAGH has pioneered cardiac care in the region through its Heart Command Centre.

The Heart Command Centre is a fully-integrated, modern facility that offers comprehensive heart care, all under one roof.

In a cardiac event, time is of great essence. Cardiac events that are attended to within the first ‘golden’ hour have a high chance of complete recovery.

The integrated services that BAGH offers reduce this interim waiting time, enabling the cardiac team to act quickly and decisively.

A patient suffering from a cardiac event is rapidly stabilized and closely monitored by an experienced and specialized Heart Care team. A battery of diagnostic tests are conducted to assess the situation.

The diagnostic results are studied by the clinical team that includes senior Cardiologists & Intensivists. The course of action is then decided and informed to the patient as well as the attending relatives.

Diagnostic Tests
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