Introduction Getting Admitted
As a patient, a hospital visit is usually the last thing that one wants to experience.  The idea of being unwell and lying inert in a hospital bed, surrounded by strangers and away from dear ones is enough to cause anxiety attacks.
Apart from the patient, it is the attending relatives and friends of the patient who need to run around, complete formalities of admission, manage finances and await their dear ones’ return to health, in crowded, claustrophobic environments.
As a result, a usual hospital visit is emotionally draining to not only the patient, but also to those caring for the patient.
At BAGH, we are sensitive of the needs of a patient and the patient’s family. It is therefore, a part of our mission to provide quality medical care to patients and their families…..daily.
Patient Care Co-ordinators are specially designated to facilitate admission procedures and also assist in medi-claim (cashless admission) formalities.
  Patient Care Co-ordinators
The hospital provides a Medi-claim Lounge where the patient’s relatives can complete the paperwork in comfort and also get processing assistance and updates of the claim that has been registered.
  Medi-claim Lounge
    (265) 255 6222, 677 6222
Emergency Numbers
for Ambulance :
(265) 255 6222, 677 6222, 228 5555
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