Diagnostic Radiology Diagnostic Radiology & Laboratory Services
The Department of Diagnostic Radiology has the latest diagnostic equipments that provide error-free results. The hospital has invested in high-end, computerised radiography systems, including a 6-slice CT scan, offering a one-stop solution for hi-definition diagnostic imaging.

BAGH offers :

General Radiology with Computerised Radiography system

Contrast and Barium studies.(used in Urology, Gastro-Intestinal studies, Gynaecology and Paediatrics)

Peripheral Vascular studies.(Digital Subtraction Angiography)

Abdominal Ultra-sonography.

Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultra-sonography

Paediatric Ultra-sonography

Vascular Doppler studies

Foetal Echo-cardiography

Musculo-skeletal & small-parts Ultra-sonography

Interventional Ultra-sonography

Whole body CT scan (16-slice)

CT-guided intervention

Mobile and bedside X-ray & Ultra-sonography

Mammography with Computerised Radiography system

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